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Introducing The POTY Trophy: College Football's Play of the Year Award

January 5, 2016

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There are probably too many awards in college football. Their recepients will probably vehemently disagree with you. Awards are the culmination of great student-athletes. Great coaches. Great assistant coaches. Great schools. Great grades.


Hold on...


Where is the award for college football's play of the year?


The ESPY's does have an award for the best sports moment of the year. But it encompasses all sports. College football does not have an award specifically for play of the year. 


Until now. 


Pigskin Grind's POTY Trophy will be making its debut in 2016. The POTY Trophy committee is in its infancy. One person representing each Power 5 conference and one person representing the Group of 5 will be chosen to vote for the POTY Trophy. 


The POTY Trophy will be awarded after all bowl games have concluded. 


If you are interested in representing a specific conference or the Group of 5 for the POTY Trophy, please contact Lisa Horne via Twitter



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