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The AP Top 25: Week Six Whiparound

September 30, 2014

                                                                                                                                        photo credit



by Lisa Horne


It was only a matter of time. Tired of feasting on cupcakes, several teams have discovered the value of bye weeks.


Pigskin Grind's sardonic whiparound of the AP Top 25 shows how the bye week has morphed into a worthy opponent that has impressed pollsters after five weeks.  


No. 1 Florida State

How bad is the ACC? Losing close games now gets you moved UP in ESPN's power rankings.


No. 2 Oregon

Oregon gained an additional first place vote this week by playing no one.


No. 3 Alabama

The Crimson Tide's bye week was clearly more impressive than Oregon's—Alabama netted an additional seven first place votes.


No. 4 Oklahoma

The Sooners were also on a bye and netted three additional first place votes. To recap, the SEC's byes are better yours.


No. 5 Auburn

*crickets chirping*


No. 6 Texas A&M

Last year the Aggies allowed the Razorbacks 33 points, this year they allowed 28. This means Texas A&M now plays defense.


No. 7 Baylor

The Bears rolled Iowa State, traditionally one of the better Big 12 defenses, by 21 points. The main point of this presentation is that Big 12 defenses look eerily similar to SEC defenses.


No. 8 UCLA

Pass the popcorn. Seriously.  


No. 9 Notre Dame

Remember when everyone thought upcoming opponents Florida State, Stanford, North Carolina, Arizona State and USC would doom the Fighting Irish?


No. 10 Michigan State

The Spartans face Nebraska this Saturday in a game that will probably determine the Big Ten East champion. But Alabama – Ole Miss is more important to one network.


No. 11 Ole Miss

Welp, it was fun while it lasted.   


No. 12 Mississippi State

Why are the Bulldogs ranked below the Rebels when the Bulldogs beat LSU and the Rebels have only beaten Vanderbilt?


No. 13 Georgia

After a close call with Tennessee, playing Vanderbilt is like a cup of hot chicken soup for the soul.


No. 14 Stanford

The Cardinal have mastered the art of an ugly win.


No. 15 LSU

If Auburn beats LSU and Ole Miss beats Alabama, every SEC West game from here on out will be called The Game of the Century. The humanity of it all.


No. 16 USC

The value of the Hail Mary is that people talk about it all day long instead of the mediocre plays that preceded it.


No. 17 Wisconsin

The Badgers are the Big Ten's version of the South Carolina Gamecocks except the Badgers lose their bowl games.  


No. 18 BYU

Right about now, the suits at BYU are regretting their decision to go independent.


No. 19 Nebraska

The Cornhuskers (5-0) have scored 40-plus points on Miami and Illinois yet are ranked below Wisconsin (3-1) who has beaten absolutely nobody. 


No. 20 Ohio State

The 3-1 Buckeyes are ranked just below the Cornhuskers and two spots below Wisconsin. The Big Ten struggle is real.


No. 21 Oklahoma State

The Cowboys' first six games: Florida State, Missouri State, UTSA, Texas Tech, Iowa State and at Kansas. Last six games: at TCU, West Virginia, at Kansas State, Texas, at Baylor and at Oklahoma. Have fun with that.


No. 22 East Carolina

Everybody onboard the Pirate bandwagon? Arrrrrrrrgh.


No. 23 Kansas State

The school has asked head coach Bill Snyder to stop wearing old bowl windbreakers. Snyder should show up shirtless with purple body paint on his chest just to mess with school officials.


No. 24 Missouri

Just so we're clear, a win over South Carolina eradicates a pathetic loss to Indiana? Note—the Tigers have a bye next week so expect them to rise in the rankings.


No. 25 TCU

The Horned Frogs break into the Top 25 in the same week they play Oklahoma. It's a cruel world. 






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