About Lisa Horne


Lisa Horne was a stay-at-home mom in 2006. In 2011, she became one of a handful of women to cast a vote for the Heisman Trophy, college football's most prestigious award. How did this happen?


Horne started a blog on FOXSports.com while recovering from a surgically repaired broken ankle in November 2006. Her work was recognized "Blog of the Day" dozens of times. Along the way, she became cyber friends with other bloggers including one special woman who wrote under the byline "Southern Belle." She was a NASCAR fan. And she was dying of cancer.


Lisa wrote a highly publicized blog on why FOXSports should send Southern Belle to a NASCAR race and after a few months, Belle received a call from FOXSports. She was going to the Talladega spring race in 2007 to meet her favorite driver, Tony "Smoke" Stewart.  And Lisa was her escort.


The two immediately bonded and had an amazing five-day trip. Belle passed away the following year but before she did, she asked Lisa to promise her that she would pursue a professional career in sports writing. In August, Lisa was given a contract to write for FOXSports.


Since then, Lisa has covered bowls from the Holiday Bowl to the BCS Championship game. She has interviewed high-profile coaches such as Bobby Bowden and Pete Carroll. She is a frequent guest on ESPN, FOXSports, CBSSports and NBCSports radio shows.


Lisa conducted one of the first Twitterviews (interview via Twitter) with then-USC head coach Pete Carroll. She set page view records at FOXSports. She worked on the FOXSports' NFL On FOX studio set with Mike Pereira. Lisa has also proudly butted heads with Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini and then-Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis. 


Lisa can diagram Xs and Os on a cocktail napkin and actually understands what the numbers mean on a 32 Blast play. She's a football junkie who tweets a #collegefootballcountdown via her verified Twitter account. Listen to her weekly Pac-12 football takes on "Pacific Parade" radio show with co-host T.J. Rives on TuneIn radio. 


Lisa is an avid #StopFallWeddings proponent. Don't send her a wedding invite between August 25 and January 15. Since college football is the greatest sport in the world, she will not be attending your big day. 

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